The School Library Association of South Australia (SLASA) represents and supports the interests of school library personnel across all education sectors in South Australia through advocacy, professional development and communication.


Joan Brewer - Inaugural Patron of SLASA
Presented at the Annual General Meeting 2012

Lesley Brideson and Joan Brewer, 2012
Lesley Brideson and Joan Brewer, 2012

What a great privilege it is to be involved in the announcement of Joan as our patron of SLASA.

As a researcher I checked the meaning of patron and found that it is 'one who supports, protects or champions someone or something, such as an institution, event or cause.

Joan has been our keenest supporter!

She has championed the causes of teacher librarians and school libraries for decades.

Joan's connections with schools have never waned from her primary school days to the years she spent at Loreto Convent. Indeed. she has maintained contact with Loreto College for many years.

Joan's long association with libraries has lasted since her early days at the Barr Smith Library at Adelaide University, through her years of involvement with the Libraries Board of South Australia and at the Magill Campus where a wing of the Colin Thiele Library was named after her.

In an often female dominated profession, Joan mentored the young and disputed the loss of leave entitlements when women resigned. She was a member of the Federal Government's National Women's Advisory Council from 1986-1990.

And, of course, Joan established the first Teacher Librarianship course in South Australia. Some of us remember her influence in those early days of study.

Joan was awarded the Order of Australia in 1985 in recognition of her services to education and librarianship.

We are thrilled to be able to announce that, to add her many accolades, she is now the Patron of the School Library Association of South Australia.

Lesley Brideson


  • to advocate the critical role of school libraries and teacher librarians in reading, teaching and learning in South Australia
  • to improve the professional standing, working conditions and qualifications for all staff involved with school libraries

Professional Development

To promote and strengthen the professional standing, working conditions and qualifications of teacher librarians via:

  • the organisation of conferences, seminars and other PD activities
  • providing a forum for professional discussion and growth
  • liaison with tertiary institutions and the encouragement of research in the field of teacher librarianship


  • to make public comment on matters relating to school libraries/resource centres and resources
  • to publish material that promotes the development of school library and information services and teacher librarianship
  • to promote cooperation between, and undertake liaison with, other institutions and bodies with similar aims and interests

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