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The Power of Reading

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Thursday 22 October 2015
Venue: Adelaide Meeting and Conference Centre (in The Australian Institute of Management Centre), 180 Port Road, Hindmarsh
8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Cost: Members $175  Non-Members $200

In partnership with Learning Team Australia, SLASA is pleased to host The Power of Reading event.
Stephen Krashen is an internationally renowned linguist who is best known for the Comprehension Hypothesis, the idea that we acquire language and develop literacy by understand messages. In literacy education, the Comprehension Hypothesis is the Reading Hypothesis, the idea that most of our literacy development comes from reading, especially self-selected free voluntary reading. This hypothesis, in turn, helps explain the typically low reading achievement of children of poverty: lack of access to books in the home, in their neighborhoods, and in their schools, confirmed in a number of studies. This explanation is also supported by studies showing that quality libraries can reduce the negative impact of poverty by providing access to reading material for those living in poverty.
Stephen Krashen believes that the greatest threat to education in history is occurring now, the world-wide push for more and more testing, far beyond what is necessary and far beyond what is helpful.
Stephen Krashen is probably the world’s preeminent apologist for the power of libraries and especially school libraries.
Don't miss the opportunity to tap into Krashen wisdom.
Information provided by Stephen Krashen will be supported by panel sessions as part of the day.
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