Award Winners

Congratulations to Silvana Jenkins and Carol Grantham — joint winners of the Joan Brewer Award for 2013.

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Online Referencing Generator non-SA Subscriptions

Subscription form for Australian schools outside South Australia:  PDF  or  Word .docx  or  Word .doc

Subscription form for schools outside Australia:  PDF  or  Word .docx  or  Word .doc

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From 2012 SLASA Newsletters are available to SLASA members as PDFs that can be viewed online or downloaded from the SLASA website.

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Login is the same as for access to the SLASA Harvard Online Referencing Generator.

SLASA Harvard Online Referencing Generator

SLASA Online Referencing Generator
Junior (abridged), Middle and Senior levels
  • Creates citations for a comprehensive range of sources – copy & paste into bibliography
  • Rollover describes each element of the citation
  • Example of in-text reference for each source

The SLASA Harvard Online Referencing Generator is available only to subscribers.

The SLASA Membership page at http://www.slasa.asn.au/Membership/joinus.html has details and subscription forms for SA and non-SA subscriptions.

SLASA Professional Library

A collection of resources on guided inquiry, information literacy, Web 2.0 and library design is available for loan to SLASA members. See list of titles. Further details on Membership page.