Strategic Plan 2013 - 2015 Overview

Mission Statement

  • To have professional teacher librarians in every school fulfilling the dual role of teacher and information specialist thereby improving educational outcomes by creating an information literate community.
  • To advocate for school libraries and the profession, provide professional learning and resource materials and maintain clear and effective communication within and beyond the profession.

The Strategic Plan focuses on three directions contained in the SLASA Constitution.
These are:

  • Advocacy
  • Communication and Services
  • Professional Learning



  • Issues impacting on school libraries and teacher librarians are identified and addressed.
  • Strategic alliances are formed and maintained for the betterment of the profession
  • The impact of school libraries on student learning outcomes, successful school library and teacher librarian practices are recognised and promoted to the broader community.

Professional Learning


  • Teacher librarians’ professional standing and qualifications are promoted and strengthened.
  • Relevant professional learning opportunities are provided for school library staff.
  • Pathways for improvement in qualifications for those wishing to work in school libraries are encouraged and established.
  • Relevant professional learning offered by other organisations is promoted.
  • SLASA members are supported to participate in and offer professional learning.

Communication and services


  • Information relating to school libraries and teacher librarianship is communicated to members and the wider community.
  • SLASA members are supported with resources and services to extend and promote effective school library practice.
  • The Association is valued within the profession and by other education professionals.
  • Networks and collegiality amongst SLASA members are developed and maintained.

The Strategic Plan will be reviewed at the end of each year and new directions established.

Members are encouraged to work with any of the three groups for specific activities or to achieve outcomes.

Current Administration practices will continue to operate in conjunction with the Strategic Plan.