Online communities for library staff

SLASA suggestions for school libraries during COVID-19

Since mid-March 2020, the SLASA Committee have been compiling a range of lists for you to access and share with others to assist school library staff, as well as teachers, students and parents.
Those resources have been collected here.

  1. Preparing School Libraries for changes due to coronavirus
  2. Online tools and platforms
  3. Planning for closures
  4. Podcasts, musicals and plays
  5. Online Teaching strategies and tools
  6. Stories and Literature
  7. Online and from home learning
  8. Reading
  9. More useful resources to use while teaching and learning online
  10. Indoor and Outdoor activities and online excursions
  11. Literacy and Numeracy Tasks
  12. Easter Ideas
  13. ANZAC Day
  14. Wellbeing
  15. Update on free resources available
  16. School Library Ideas
  17. PL Options for library staff
  18. Storytime copyright updates
  19. Copyright during Coronavirus and beyond
  20. Mother's Day Ideas
  21. Digital Citizenship Ideas
  22. Special Events and the library
  23. World Environment Day
  24. Diversity
  25. Science Week
  26. September Ideas
  27. October Ideas
  28. November Ideas
  29. End of school year and holiday ideas

Authors in isolation

South Australia is lucky to have some talented authors who work quietly behind the scenes to provide us with many fabulous titles.

SLASA sent out some feelers to see what they were doing while in isolation. The links below are a taste of what some of our authors have been up to.

Please enjoy them and share them with your school community.

  1. Katrina Germein   [7m 17s]
  2. Marianne Musgrove   [9m 29s]
  3. Sean Williams   [5m 07s]
  4. Janeen Brian   [8m 56s]
  5. Mike Dumbleton   [8m 21s]

slasanet: an email discussion list for SA library staff

SLASA has established slasanet so that members can discuss issues and events of specific interest to school library staff throughout South Australia.

slasanet is an open forum for issues affecting school libraries and an information network for events and activities of interest to members. It is intended to foster a collegiate sharing of ideas, resources, concerns etc., which we hope will be particularly valuable for people working in school libraries in the more remote locations of this state.
All are welcome to participate.

To join slasanet:
    send an email request to
You will receive an email to let you know you have been subscribed.

To send a message to slasanet:
    send your message to: