For Library Staff

ALIA/ASLA Joint statement on library and information services
This page provides ready reference links to key documents and information to assist school leaders address issues related to staffing, resourcing and managing their school's library and information service. The priority for all schools is to ensure that ‘school library and information programs and services are integral to the goals of the school and the aims of the school curriculum.’ (ALIA / ASLA joint statement on library and information services in schools, 2003).
ALIA/ASLA Joint statement on teacher librarians in Australia
Describes the educational significance of school library resource services and teacher librarians in Australian Schools.
ASLA Advocacy information
Library Staffing Policy (AEU/SA Branch)
This policy was endorsed by AEU Branch Council 24 August 2013.
IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto
Outlines the mission, goals, staffing, operations and management of the school library.
School Library Bill of Rights
School libraries are concerned with generating understanding of freedom and with the preservation of this freedom through the development of informed and responsible citizens.
Great School Libraries
Congratulations to the 22 South Australian school libraries that were selected for the Honours list of the Great School Libraries campaign in 2016!
These libraries met the criteria for a 'Great School Library' by the valuable contribution they make to their school's teaching and learning program in the areas of reading, digital literacy, critical thinking and research skills.
The full list of Australian schools as well as case studies of best practice can be found on the Great School Libraries website. By following the links on the website you will also find some interesting school library statistics and a new report showing the impact of teacher librarians on student outcomes.
It is intended that the campaign will run again and we hope that more school libraries will be involved in promoting the great work that you do to support student learning.