For Principals

This page provides ready reference links to key documents and information to assist school leaders address issues related to staffing, resourcing and managing their school's library and information service. The priority for all schools is to ensure that 'school library and information programs and services are integral to the goals of the school and the aims of the school curriculum'.
(ALIA / ASLA joint statement on library and information services in schools, 2003).

Statement on library and information services in schools
Describes the ways in which the school library and information programs and services are integral to the mission, objectives, and teaching and learning goals of the school.
Teacher Librarian Role Statement
School leaders are encouraged to support their teacher librarians to develop clear role statements, reflecting their dual role as both teachers and information specialists. SLASA developed this comprehensive role statement in 2003 to highlight the diverse elements of the teacher librarian role, and it has been widely adopted nationally. This role statement can be adapted to suit the level of responsibility of the teacher librarian. When fulfilling all aspects of the role, the qualified teacher librarian is operating at a leadership level.
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Library staffing policy (AEU/SA Branch)
This policy was endorsed by the Australian Education Union SA branch in August 2013.
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Statement on Teacher Librarians in Australia
Describes the educational significance of school library resource services and teacher librarians in Australian Schools.
Standards of Professional Excellence for Teacher Librarians
This statement describes the professional knowledge, skills and commitment demonstrated by teacher librarians working at a level of excellence.
Teacher librarian job description
Outlines some key considerations to incorporate in a teacher librarian job description. It is desirable that a person appointed to a Teacher Librarian position has Teacher Librarianship qualifications.
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Library support officer role - recruitment example (DECS)
Outlines the possible tasks a person may be expected to undertake in a library support officer's role.
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Value of School Libraries in Learning - Articles and Research

Value of school libraries in learning
National and international research on the value of school libraries in learning.
Future learning and school libraries
This paper seeks to enhance understanding about the implications of international trends for Australian schooling, the need for rigorous evaluation and the contribution that school libraries and teacher librarians can make to student learning.
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